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distraction. Whether these sufferers hear positively more than persons
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his victim, and deliberately determines that the satisfaction of gratifying
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ceptable! Old Herrick could never have known this, or
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would be rash to assume that they are the active and essential agents in
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either by force or fraud ; or if he keep the money or goods or land of
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night acute eczema of both hands came out, which I saw the next morning. It
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substance is estimated from the intensity of the color by matching
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advance of this disease may be characterised by transient paralysis,
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rider must also be of tested accuracy. In "chainomatic" balances
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support. If this muscle be paretic, " flat foot " comes on, and the
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opposition to everything that is being done to or for the patient ; the
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a test similar to that described in (a) above, using
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stock solution should contain 12.405 gm* of boric acid and
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incidents. It was also accountable for what is most piquant
ject ; and the spots whence it can be elicited correspond, as already stated,
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the "habit forms" of chorea, hysteria, hystero-epilepsy, epilepsy, and
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in the form of an ointment, containing from ten grains to two drachms
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closely allied to syntonin, and identical with the peptotoxin of Brieger.
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but no very convincing evidence on the point is forthcoming. Of the
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is a world of quaint and curious information ; the planet
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This thin muscle encircles the eyelids ; its tone gives sharpness of outline
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Society's Transactions, London, vol. xii. 1879, p. 181.— 11. Idem. Diseases of the
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scholar. In an age like the present, when there is so much
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through the eye and ear. Such modes of training are all-important in
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removal, and even by inexpert persons can be safely managed with a
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1883.— 39. Walker, Norman. Brit. Journ. Derm. Deo. 1897.— 40. Wilks. Trans.
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prognosis is better in women than in men. Eecovery takes place in some
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all his heart, he was always ready to help the industrious
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dry variety — results. The first stage of cold-trauma, characterised
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this morning." The students had taken him at his word and
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Prognostics," a masterpiece of minute and vigorous descrip-
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meaning ; thus early had "physic" been narrowed down from
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The attributes of the parent have a tendency to be repeated in the off-
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smaller specimens of the humbug family, of the medical
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"paramnesic" states. In these conditions the patient believes that his
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aphasia may be produced also as one of the symptoms of the organic
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ci-ci-ci-ci-de-en-en-ence, in many cases the voice rising in pitch as the
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blood is drawn, or placed at once, into sterile flasks containing
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tion of tendon reflexes, trivial sensory affection, and distinct affection of
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means brook the receipt of a benefit from a person whom he
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siderable extent may form, which very strongly resemble psoriasis.
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former hypothesis is the fact that Dionisi (5) has found in bats in the


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