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pital; H. MarD. C. Jackson, St George's Hospital ; W. T. Jackson,

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i'-lr(ic''€n des Phnrmnk Ii,slit^fi.i zu norp'd vii. IS71. Zur Bestimmung des

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valuable aid to iron in the treatment of anfemia, and that for

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We do not propose here to deal with the question of the

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Henderson, the patient taking it well. After the abdominal surface was

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neers, if not the creator, of journalism in France. A deputa-

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L.R.C.P.; T. M. Legge, M.B., B.Ch.Oxon.; 0. P. Lovell, M.B.Oxon.,

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warded to us runs as follows, and it is certainly couched in

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from whole districts and cities. No statesman had ever spoken

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with the Minister of the Interior and the Inspector of

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of long but uncertain, and probably varying, duration after

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Casual communications by Messis J. H. Mummery, David

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were all the drugs that he habitually ordered in a typical


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