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and Organs of Special Senses of the Generative Organs and Breast and

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understood by looking at the diagram see Fig. 1. The upper

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establishment of two conditions stagnation and gastrectasia. By

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that place in October and next month he went abroad. After

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contribute to induce this firft infpiration and that

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referred to the almost universal practice which formerly pre

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down at the time by the clinical clerk that Dr. Rutherford

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changes which milk undergoes in the stomach it is acid and

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I do so under protest. I say emphatically that both these propositions were

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outbreak and from the evidence that they obtained it ap

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this year and in one locality the lower orders attribute the

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the managers had no difficulty in setting aside. As guardians

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advantage has accrued to dental students from associating them


year. The detention in Hospital averages about fourteen days.

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sion. Examination showed the region of the mastoid greatly

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dated damages but by a proviso it was agreed that on the

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apparently soaks into the overlying mucous membrane which is then

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patient had developed pain in right chest with fever

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India that the violent salivation and stomatitis produced in

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sounding Mr. Paget performed the ordinary lateral operation

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with babies in arms all of them the subject of charity. These

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of relief. Alabama is now preparing a bill for the establishing of such

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also brought some of the evils that are inevitable attendants upon


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