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    time threatened to become a serious epidemic, has also been

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    on full diet, and was ordered a tonic mixture with a liniment of bella-

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    the question of the use of vaccination in protecting people

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    ness of soil, the housing of the poor, and the condition of

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    The interesting record of a recent outbreak of diphtheria at

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    physical properties, solubility in water, mode of preparation,

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    ■seemed to start from the lower part of the abdomen on the

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    thyroid gland at the base of the tongue by Dr. J. Collins

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    the trouble may be over and done with. In proof that this

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    creatures" who "have attended pay doctors and operating

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    Hospital, has favoured us with the following report of a case

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    it will be found that opinions are expressed by several of the

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    Visitoisare admitted on presentation ot their cards on Tues-

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    hospital, round which, within the last few weeks, cases have

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    that for a moderate fee a nurse will visit, have all ready for the opera-

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    were no complications, and the patient recovered. The lite-

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    dered to tlie Council. He also expn-ssed his regret at the

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    Sir George Mubray Hdmphry, President, in the Chair>

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    sufficiently established to enable him to resume ordinary oc-

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    dition impracticable. The Committee regards the withdrawal

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    »,* We fear our correspondent scarcely realises the labour and cost

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    me to the Devonshire Hospital at Buxton. I am in the habit of keeping

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    life or upwards, and which has not shown any sign of life — a

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    been inappropriate, but, as such was not the case. Mr. Lushington ap-

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    Cervello- gave a dog 015 g. ferric chloride, and in two

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    graduation ceremonies take a prominent part in the celebra-

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    and Roller ; Dr. C. S. Bull contributes an excellent report ol

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    question that the medical officers of the dispensary are "within their

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    0. Leemans, Montimens JSgyptiens du Musie d' antiquitis des

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    Establishment, is appointed Principal of Grant Medical College, retaining

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    describes the town as one of the most active centres of typhoid fever in

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    Grigoh, Macadam, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.Edin.. appointed Medical Officer

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    who in 1871 by his courage and presence of mind saved the

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    matter has, it is stated, recommended a quarantine of two

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    the ingested blood has left the blood corpuscles, and that the

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    perience. The opportunity may be taken to refer to some of

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    urgency to urinate and minipress

    deoidua came away, and by September 28th she had consider-

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    opinions enough in type to satisfy the greatest glutton of

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    Establishment, civil surgeon and Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum

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    That Mr Freeman has committed the offence charged against him ; the

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    was no real ground for regarding the premises as insanitary. The branch


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