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reported cases of infantile progressive bulbar paralysis

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the hospital and out patient departments frames the laws for the

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V y the action of immunizing and curative principles

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two inferior articular two transverse extending laterally from the pedicles

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Winslow defining public health as the science and art of

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to the peritoneum was sponged out. The abdomen was then

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process of digestion into albuminous and oily compounds this

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the first order generally consist of st Affections of the fauces

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the spotlight and leading by listening as he described

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such places as were near the growing glands. In the alveoli

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State. Medical men at all times and in all places are

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tendency to spontaneous cicatrisation they tend to extend

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that state can be obviated and removed this is always to be

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the Committee on Public Health which relates to instruction in the

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large tumor like masses which it produces in the jaws of

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opposite surfaces to adhere by rendering them impermeable to

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munity previously conferred upon it and which it still possesses more of

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plaint. The orifice of the urinary bladder which is the lowest

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long distance but removed close at hand to a proper place pro

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very large and deep ventral sucker is the striking charac

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energetically. In milder cases of the lip and leg form the

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in urinary deposits which have not yet been named or

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sition with elevation of the hips upon pillows should

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ence would at the present day do otherwise than advise against

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lower down to the feel soft and yielding compared to the other

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low in cancer. There may be a slight leucocytosis and the presence of

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usually well developed. The genital organs are normal. Many of the sub

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valvular murmurs disappear entirely under treatment by these

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reflexes one should make sure that the leg foot and

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small pox and I remember myself being shown by a relative of

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eastward toward the Chinese Empire and westward over Russia and

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stancy of secondary and mixed infections with pyogenic

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was the source of the hemorrhage. A few petechial hem

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found in arteriosclerotic heart disease and vascular

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may learn the difference between a bacterium and protozoon

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due University Assistant in Physiological Chemistry and Toxicology

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Dr. Stewart then read some Hospital Notes in which he referred

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butter milk returned from dairies to be used as food for calves

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ing. Litten has examined specimens of this kind so rich

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was produced by a knife or other sharp substance such as

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bination found in our analysis of the test meal material was to say


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