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ler, visiting gastroent;rologist ; Dr. J. Bieber and Dr. M.

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3. Intestinal Diverticula : A Pathological and Clinical

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ten years ago, from which she had practically recovered. For the past

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important feature may be summarized as follows : Litten's statements were

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cles, in a test tube. This result is indicated by the

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an anaesthetic ; when we take into consideration the difference in the

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nine months at least, 15; twelve months at least, 6.

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Fo.x, Carroll, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted seven

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effort to heal. The sutures gradually cut through, and at

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members of the society, many prominent physicians from

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Gradually they close up the spaces between them, and clumps are

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quantities of yellow pus Howed out of the eye; after

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otomy, is the choice. Avoid puncture in cases of oedema of the labia

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most satisfactory to the editor and his advisers will re-

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constantly present, and an average of thirty-six ounces of

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was a large one, lost under ether 1.9° of temperature and but 6 mm.

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among those reading papers being Dr. John B. Deaver, of

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the mass.^ The matter of slow course is important because of the grow-

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5/. 5/ — Channel and rod fitting in, SO, and to receive, 32.

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24 with the bovine type; hence, of aU the cases ex-

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tion. The urine contained mucus, pus. blood, and epithe-

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frequent cause of death after the removal of an active kidney — one cannot

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however, when occurring, requires intelligent treat-

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in the causation of chlorosis. In making this statement, however, the

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they must consider all sore throats as dangerous to

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tober, 1908, to March, 1909. the attacks became progres-

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sage, a translation from the editio princeps of the

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ite, and will be built so as to permit the addition of three

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currin.g in the fame intervals as before when the drug was

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experimentally by using a dog with a fistula on the

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101.2=; at 9.50, 99.9°; at 10.20, 96.6°; at 10.57, 98.7°; at 11.20, 98.3°.

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culosis of the lungs in a fairly advanced stage, and of

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ruary 16th the discharge became slightly purulent, with moderate

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visible and painful scar. Wertheim has suggested a similar procedure, sup-

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Six years after the initial lesion, in February, 1908, the


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