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Samantha Luvox

Coarse cereals do not cure. The first of these conclusions points
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not bring discredit on our school by falling away from his teaching
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plication of salvarsan show: the discriminating selection of the
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plaques in sections treated with Mann's solution, except where
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was 242; from 1891 to 1900 it was 597. During this time the
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Anatomical Liagnosis. — External pachymeningitis chronica, leptomen-
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than we usually do, Some day, physiological chemistry may
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Tropical Medicine. Daniels. $4.00. P. Blakiston's Son & Co.
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tist's dam; the free surface of the phonendoscope being a trifle
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The PRESiDENr then put the original motion as amended, and, on a vote having been
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This was known as "An Organization on Meeting of the Northwestern
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of an infected body a specific chemical antidote elaborated in the
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was served upon the said John Kirkpatrick. Your committee duly met in pursuance of
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symptoms. Memory became impaired, so that, even the grossest events, remote
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for the discovery of the cause and prevention of yellow-fever than
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been an apoplexy which, however, was without residuals in the way of
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Wednesday evening. "Thoughts on Bryonia," Dr. G. T. Shower ; "Obser-
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I would like to emphasize the value of the X-ray also in these
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price but we never got a bid ; no one was fool enough to pay $18,000.00. The boom
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person could not be cognizant of all that was going on, but to
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position came in a day or two ago, but it looks like a proposition from an agent. It is a
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forms of arterio-sclerosis, the most that we can do for our pa-
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The Toronto Academy of Medicine recently passed the following reso-
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like the summer clothes of a tenement-dweller stored away in a room for the
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Dr. a. B. Welford, Woodstock, Ont. Surgery, Operative and other than Operative.
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of this disease in Egyptians have as yet been discovered. The


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