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elastica, and (3) the " innermost " layer of medial fibers in a marked state of
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scribed. In a few days he presented himself again, nothing
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egates, expanding on the 1847 policy, declared: “That the
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with some interest and no little anxiety. It is, therefore,
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thing about the bullet was that, when removed, the base of the
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than tumors elsewhere, because of the early q| Florida> Tallahassee, Florida,
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possessing a Surgical qualification only, will be admitted to a
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patients , has been established as satisfactory for the particular
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juice will speedily begin to change unless put in process of preservation very
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development appears more compromised as the children ma-
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Pathology Conference - 12:30 pm, Brookings Hospital, Conference Rooms A & B, Brookview Manor, Info: Phyllis
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scum oil the seooiul day. d. The same scum broken up.
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whether to make amputation in the medio-tarsal articu-
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are carriers of the poison of the disease. It is to be
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tion to the fact that governmental inspection of many
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in this matter of charging hospital patients, stated it
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tion, neither the fauces nor epiglottis presented any change from a healthy
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uterus. Treatment : Abdominal subtotal hysterectomy, September 1,
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