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tion of the myodesojoia takes place ; the muscae voli-
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Council : A. "W. Bai'clay, M.D. ; Edmund L. Birkett,
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about the Accommodation of the Eye, and I fear some
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dent of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, &c.
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Russia, there is a large proportion of deaths among
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conclusion that the case had proceeded the length of effu-
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fellowship. 2. The high-flown bigots in religion or State.
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dually exercised a compression on the upper lobe of the
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time lost all her children — three in number — from
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lified men ; tliey each exhibit the word surgery on the fanlight,
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to assure iiimself of the species of ruptui-e which is the
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are, I believe, about 1500-2000 of them in and around Yokohama.
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number fifteen was far too smaU for such a purpose ;
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micliael, once more jiresenting the world with the results of his
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result with regard to remedies in this particular dis-
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struction, and the blood may gradually find its way be-
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and all we call duty, must be little else than a dream.
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but some sonorous rales were heard in both lungs. The
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turally unaffected, we shall find that strict attention
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toms in the form of greyish elongated bodies, some-
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for a correction (jd. 43) ; and at p. 110 gives an ex-
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as fully qvialified medical practitioners were corx-ect,
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