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" Where there is real traumatic hernia resulting from the appli-
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The object of the present paper is to call attention ouce more to the
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an article of diet must not be used, even to habitual slight excess, nor in
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or medical attendants who have worked in it in the past fifteen years
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food. The nose may be reduced to a mere stump, with two small
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median line of the palate is clear, and the erythema is situated on
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pay the "conjugal debt." Nicholas Chesneau (1672), of Marseilles,
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at hand. They are Dr. John Ashhurst, Jr., Philadelphia ; Dr. A. C.
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regarded as specific of tuberculosis. But Heidenhain, G. Weiss,
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oval portions which retain the fuchsin. Such bodies Ehrlich thought
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X., p. 24; Lehrbuch der pathologischen Mykologie, 1890, Bd. ii., pp. 555-600.
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a sufficient number of them, properly jilaced and kept. Cuspidors
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opher, '< Human genins seems, on this occasion, to have made
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stiff froth, add a cup and a half of sugar, and six
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Mobile Telephone Switching Office. From there it travels to
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to do in any given locality, tropical or extratropical, all of the con-
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B D current. Apply P. P. to the tongue, N. P. all over the
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rules of the Council on Drugs of the American Medical Association.
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was conversant with the phenomena of monocular polyopia and the so
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invalids will require much more stringent rules in regard to board-
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(1) by digesting the gland with an artificial gastric juice ; or (2) by extracting
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used during the irrigations. The results of antiseptic intestinal medication
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of Health, a publication that goes to all practicing physicians in |
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La Jolla, Calif. 92037. Location: Stouffer’s Wai-
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have it too cold when used, and it should be smooth like cream and eaten
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gated (about 15 centimetres) and offered a deep notch on its anterior


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