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UN Classifies Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as “Carcinogenic"

Hormones May Not Alleviate Menopause Symptoms

Woman sues companies over cancer

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PremproCounsel Legal Team Articles and Publications
Philadelphia Jury Finds for Plaintiff in first Prempro Hormone Therapy Case in State Court
Philadelphia, PA -- October 4, 2006

In the first state court case, the jury today found that plaintiff’s use of Wyeth’s hormone therapy Prempro was a cause of her breast cancer and awarded Jennie Nelson, age 67, $1.5 million in compensatory damages. The case will continue to a second, or liability, phase following today's jury decision in Jennie Nelson v. Wyeth, in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Ken Suggs of Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC, co-counsel representing Mrs. Nelson commented, “We are very pleased with the jury’s verdict in Phase I. Clearly, the medical evidence overwhelmingly showed that Wyeth’s drug Prempro caused Jennie Nelson’s breast cancer, which required years of medical treatment and undue suffering for Mrs. Nelson and her family.

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The Overselling of Hormone Replacement Therapy
Adriane Fugh-Berman, M.D., and Cynthia Pearson, B.A.
(Pharmacotherapy 2002;22(9):1205–1208)

The news that part of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) was stopped early because
women treated with combined estrogen-progestin therapy experienced higher rates of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and overall harm has rocked women and physicians across the country.

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Gynecologists and Estrogen an Affair of the Heart
Adriane Fugh-Berman* and Anthony R. Scialli
ABSTRACT Although definitive studies have shown that hormone therapy in menopausal women has no overall or cardiovascular health benefit, obstetrician-gynecologists
continue to believe that estrogen benefits women’s health. This mistaken belief
may stem from cultural factors unique to obstetrics and gynecology, as well as from the
dependence of physicians on pharmaceutical companies for the provision and interpretation
of scientific information.

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The Rise and Fall of Hormone Therapy
Tobias Millrood

On July 9, 2002, the National Institutes of Health sent shock waves through the medical and scientific communities when it released a study on the benefits and risks of so-called combination hormone replacement therapy (HRT). After decades of promotional claims that long-term HRT use could provide cardiovascular benefits to menopausal women and make them look and feel “feminine forever,” the drugs’ mystique was shattered: The study revealed that long-term HRT use increased the risk of cardiovascular disease, invasive breast cancer, stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, and blood clots.1 Almost simultaneously, a separate study by the National Cancer Institute reported that women who take estrogen alone—rather than in combination with other hormones—over a long period are at significantly increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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