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and in the continued fevers in children a fit is often the

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pneumonia in childhood, a fact which is doubtless responsible for the

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peculiar substance, which has suggested, on the one hand, an

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long It would pass from the Congo into Eastern Rhodesia - and,

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lateral ventricle and softening of one corpus striatum.

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and gladsome diapasons ! And why should man alone, of all the creation, look

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under the tendon forming the external oblique muscle. The piston is now

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Wieii, 1894, viii, 1145-1147. — <Jol«l»«-h«'i«lei-. Zur Ge-

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(A.) Sur un oas do decollenient t'piphysaire trauiiiatiquo

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From this record it will be perceived that venesection was had

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social position ; but the price of that land has reared an institu-

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1 18. — This article appeared in The Joubnal of February 9,

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utes, was critical, but improved after the administration

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The gist and meaning of the whole process to the student of hered-

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such as by drying up the breeding places of malaria-

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action as he will find in any uiateria medica of the Homoeopathic

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It results from these observations that, while Walden-

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of town, I treated four csises of diphtheria. Two of

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much of the solution has been injected. The tissue is

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