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Dr. Reid be nominated to further consider the report and the suggestions

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King's College, London ; or of St. Mary's Hospital Medical College. We

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is not formed in amount suflicient to strike the eye. The

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Recovery. Ur. A. H. Joues, Northampton : Myxcedema. Dr. Maguire,

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tlie Miller Hospital and Royal Kent Dispensary, vice H. C. Garth,

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The remarkable thing about the case is tliat this ulceration,

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26th, 1893, Mr. Gboegb Polloce, President, in the chair.

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with the strongest possible checks and safeguards against

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and at 10 P.M. on September 30(h, when Dr. Austin sawiher,

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racteristic papular rasli of smallpox from others for which in

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town, where 2 deaths occurred; Sheffield with half as many fresh cases

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cates of competency to peisoiis qualified to act as sanitary inspectors;

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pital ; B. W. Bona, St. Thomas's Hospiial : A. H Bygott, Birming-

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chamber, and search should also be made with forceps for any

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and may be modified by the recurrence of menstruation. The

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the months passed by; but there could only be one interpreta-

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one side of the question of pancreatic digestion, namely, that

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Professor Stir ling's Lectures to Teachers. — The Proposed Re-

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growths are asserted to be protozoa pressed out of shape, and

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mature senility. The shivering or shaking of the drunkard,

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patient complained of a nasty taste, and spat up a little pus,

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of the Ovary, complicated by cancerous disease, in a patient,

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passages are specially implicated, than in those forms dis-

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Orr, M B. and C. .U., and Fred. W. Mackay, M.B., CM., whose

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' Compare Brngseh Papyrus (see Fig. 3 of this paper) and the description

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existed. We are all accustomed to the man who believes in

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growth was only fixed at the pineal gland and velum inter-

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when the observations bore on puerperal hfemorrhages. He

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wills of Miss Chandlers and Mr.'j. S. Forbes amounted to £2s.t>oo. The

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voluntary sequestration, of the inebriate, which has been so

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ment, are placed at the disposal of Government for employment in the

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uniting the iliac spine and the umbilicus. This in-


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