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this indication ; and this is the more to be regretted inasmuch as the

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admission the temperature became normal ; it rose slightly subsequently,

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able for remoteness of situation or natural inaccessibility, curtailing,

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is only maintained during the bath ; after it the pulse tracing returns

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Diabetes Mellitus ; Glycosuria. — A very large clinical experience is

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The first rehvpse may be followed by a second, and sometimes even

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we give 5-8 c.c. once or twice daily for several days, or even oftener,

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decoctum aUha<tj or emidiio amygdaUna with the above-mentioned

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ventilated, and the offensive discharges promptly removed : the linen on

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At a later stage and in chronic inflammation the increased nutrition in

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some forms of malignant disease, the toxins of erysipelas obtained by

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considered anomalous by the writer, as for the purpose of eliciting iufor-

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some compared with sarcoma, though it has histologically the structure

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disorderly room can be rearranged, and whenever possible this should

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merely a pronounced reaction ; but he agrees with others that in fatal cases

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ment the embarrassment of refusing what were apparently its own bills.

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accumulated into a dangerous mass in the stomach, where it had not

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materially altered in fever either in quantity or quality, and that when it

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quently, and the greatest moderation in the use of stimulants should be


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