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liad in Listerian days in surgical work. Pure carbolic acid

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:': om independent causes — from phthisis, 5 ; from dysenterj*, 3 ; and other diseases,

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• ami ulance coi-ps, which has heretofore been so ellieient, the

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Made by maceration, ijercolation and evaporation, so that 1 Co.

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posed change. As to those of foreign birth, their associations with past

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= gr.22i of digitalis leaves; D., gr-gV-sV (•001-.002) =

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Section IX. — Volatile Oils or Drugs containing them.

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chronic or subacute pyelitis, cystitis and urethritis. It is

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fever, after medicinal doses, and in poisoning by the drug.

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progressively paralyzing the functions of the brain follow

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5 X 12 = gr.60, or 3 i. The dose of potassium bromide is

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AVe must not suppose that water is only hurtful when impregnated

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Thursday, 9, A.M. Morning Session. — The Association was called to or-

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controlling temperature. Agents lowering bodily tempera-

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Respiration. — The respiration is not directly affected by

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of iron and lead as impurities. These are precipitated by

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human subject after the ingestion of 22 grs. of the alkaloid.

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tions did not difler from those of the patients around him. lie consi-

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ous, showing that consciousness to external impressions was begin-

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were quartered in barracks. Isolated cases of the disease also

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of a combination of vasomotor, heart and respiratory failure.

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Immediately on entering practice, it became evident to me that

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feet 3 inches (minimum standard height for the Regular Army) should

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nnmhrr of iufantH born die in the first year of their existence. Among

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l)ecause of the increased cardiac action and stimulation of

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in the stomach. It dissolves mucous secretions. Lime

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bone was shattered, rendering necessarj'- the exsection of the anterior

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once, R. Camph. aq., spt. nitre, aa § i., with ten grs. sulph. quinine,

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and 1 think we can easily undei*stand how the elasticity or living

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BnoMIDK OF AmMONICM — HvDROBROMATE OF Ammonia. — At the latc

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occasionally preceded by convulsions. One-eighth of one

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action, as well as stimulant effect upon the heart. The

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Their posterior development is so marked that anatomists have as-

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the so-named expectant practice, and I have seen plenty of its sad


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