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    charge has entirely ceased, the organic silver com-
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    Miillerian vagina, because in the process of development the jMiilleriau
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    disease and to flies as possible carriers of the in-
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    tilage in general offers against the invasion of the
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    larly. In the University Hospital I have had one case in which, after
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    the hospital on November 9, 1909. He complained of o.
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    Pfeiffer: Deutsch. med. Wochenschrift, 1896, Nos. 7 and 8.
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    as are necessary. In winter, cradles are placed over
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    Personal history : l'"ather of patient was a lumljer dealer
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    Dr. Thomas N. Gray, of E<-ist Orange; Dr. Rurdette P.
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    cially in their relation to each other, in the front
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    Brooklyn, 16.05; Qneens. 13.75; Richmond, 12.50. There
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    years, who began to have vomiting after a severe attack of pneumonia.
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    North Carolina — Total for .State.. Mar. i-May 31 995 ' 7
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    "^n-nfe a"d Rohnt'i-. nciitschc .-Irclii-' fiir kllfiisclic Medisin, xciv.
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