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    (Betanaphtol-BLsmuth— Von Heyden.) (Tribromphenol-Bismutb— Von Heyden.)

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    O'Dea ; and 5. Review of the Case of the People v. Elisha B.


    ces ; his disease, by the physician who was first called to see him,

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    rather to hold our remedies in reserve for a more fitting moment.

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    not especially marked. If these patients to elicit any definite statement regarding


    of quinia has given excellent results in periodical diseases, both simple and

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    for two diseases, which, though superficially alike, improved

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    crease in weight was stopped by hectic rp, • ■ ^- , ^ ^ ,

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    which is exceedingly irregular. It may exhibit a regular form

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    increase somewhat the good effects of such wines upon the

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    IT is the only Mineral Water in the world that enjoys the dis-

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    nitrate of silver not only prevents the pits, but the inflammation,

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    vital resistance of the various species is very different. The

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    above the umbilicus with 1-12 inch trocar Hospital, Feb. 19th, 1902, for sarcoceleand

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    sulting in occasional exhibitions of anomalous neurotic and func-

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    what manner they become involved in those bilious complications,

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    the frequency or smallness of the pulse, or the cerebral symp-

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    drinking the unboiled milk of animals suffering from the

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    shrewdness and common sense displayed, and occasionally there

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    times in the night and four in the day. Discontinued the medi-

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    a general following toward a more con- tub. Besides, in many cases, the effect of

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    Annual Report, Bureau of Animal Industry. 1895-6. p. 109.

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    disease of the glenoid cavity ; 3rd, the presence of osseous stalac-

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    began to take chloral his language became unbearable. On the

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    (Kepublished in the Southern Med. and Surg. Journal, for April

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    spore formation. Cohn, however, seems to have been the

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    application ; and that this anemia and en- of the cases I saw.

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    to keep the masses in ignorance. Is it not preposterous and humiliating to

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    immediately apprized me of the fact. On examining the case, I

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    fingers an' irregationed 'is gutral canal wid ural state are probably useful if not nec-

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    has not been submitted to systematic examination. Very re-

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    4th. That it is a local, noncontagious dis- to that which takes place from the pharynx

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    Indol. — This organism grows feebly in Dunham's solution ; some

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    important part in the etiology of many which may be increased by the inclining of

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    cident. The cornea, already had a remarkable opacity. No suppuration

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    Germs in wombs and germs in groins, "Yis, Hinnissy, all but tin shtuck up

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    water is put up in quarts, pints and half-pints; quarts, 50 bottles to case; pints and

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    disease, it does not follow that it may not produce the most


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