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middle-aged furnish a preponderant proportion of cases, OAving to the
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with cansiderai)le force by means of a simple ap])liance. It is a
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from the attendant as often as it is ordered by the physician. Bright
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velops, and may anticipate the symptoms referable to the lungs ; and I
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antipyretics. I do not hesitate to use the latter occasionally when high
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country, is then dried on ivory points, and, if kept in a cool place, re-
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if they do not contain a special digestive ferment, like the
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*J. Jaworski, Monatsschrift fur praktische Wasserheilkunde, January,
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is not really the true fruit of the vine. The pistils are placed
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culosis after thirty years of age. The most chronic and man-
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larger vessels of the brain, and the kidneys particularly. Some
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