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    advisability of closing the inguinal canal with sutures, giving
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    to cold and wet weather. It is not due to an inflammation, rheumatic
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    ing corpuscular elements of the blood cause it to become very con-
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    of the ilium. The only doubt likely to occur in diagnosis, eq)ecially
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    She told me afterward that this procedure saved her from retiring
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    Prague coming next with 1,016; the German Faculty of the
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    Materia Medica and Therapeutics at the Victoria University,
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    flexor of the wrist. The sensory fibers supply the radial side of the
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    sciousness. Under treatment by grain doses of powdered squills with
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    organisms which, however, might grow there and so extend downwards
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    internal ring, and reforming the canal. This operation had
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    under notice, but exceeded by 2 8 per 1,000 the mean rate during the same


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