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sion was to be decided upon. An incision beginning at

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2 oz. of a warm saturated solution of boracic acid ; then a

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This we remove by saponification with an alkali ; and for this purpose, we

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passing, and that a more conservative era had supervened. He

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and secretary appoint the two members to serve on the scientific

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ting on the appearance of a tumour," having large blood-

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-.< dissecting-room, or treated a case of contagious disease.

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Pupils in the different branches of the medical art are admitted to at-

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only of the gland presented its natural texture. Two tubercular masses, the size

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which increased until the globule broke down, and was replaced by

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cell, so that the instrument can be employed with any micro-

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take for pneumonia, but they are of uncommon occurrence, and it is

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as endocarditis is but rarely considered in tlie prog-

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until the crust is well softened, so that it may be easily

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treatment of the colitis. If colectomy is performed for

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by me (Case CCLXI.) and which waits to be confirmed by future ob-

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and axillary glands. The inguinal glands suffer enlargements so frequently as the

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Crookes' radiometer 1 is a device consisting of a lightly

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quotations taken almost verbatim from Albert Lea Enterprise, May, 1882. Judg-

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are slight tremors of the calf muscles, while there are

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sole was turned directly outwards. He had thought much about the reasons of

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both carotids, until nearly dead, even after blood has ceased to flow from the

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tion, etc.) without suicidal intent — perhaps, indeed, in the endeavour to

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• The Secretary read the following at the request of Dr.

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takes the form of agonizing suffering, the pain being at the same time

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defendant in the case, was dismissed and the case was closed.

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in the wound; it was very much congested, movable, delivered outside of the

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phobic. The criterion of difference, however, lies in the genesis of

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cholera must be a parasitic disease caused by a particular

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the slaughtering of animals, the tanning of hides, and all similar

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ulceration ; and, for that reason, one would fear to carry out abstention

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WANTED: — General physician and surgeon and obstetrician and gynecologist

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Shakespeare. Of all the borderland heroes the one who appeals most

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latter case that the movement of the diaphragm on the affected side is

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heat-loss by conduction and radiation is certainly less than when the skin is

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"■' uibr>!u:.v ni.Jiins: 1h' jnirr.l !u ,, l' -l..iprj niM>'i- uilv ,i-ul .,

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Dr. James Bryan, of Pennsylvania, said ; the first prize, to have been written by Dr.

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tures are without virulence and may possibly serve as vaccines.

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history of persistent constipation for two or more days


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