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Practical Chemistry; and the latter Medical Jurisprudence and

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find no signs of material injury either in the nervous system or in any other

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^phospnate* sooium metaphosphate, sodium citrate,) and pptassitaa. citrate.'

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prepared* ej«;eRt that a stabilizer an(i a sweetenlna agent may be added to It- Process*

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if any one were looking at him, but otherwise he wrote a beautiful flowing

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nor extended actively (extensores ossis metacarpi et primi et secundi inter-

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to adopt a special manner of entering a room, of taking a seat, or of shaking

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pical tests for which are fully described and shown to the class. The

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3. Hot water not less than 180°F. shall be available tor sanitation purposes. '

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in the cases of so-called paroxysmal hemoglobinuria described by Wickham

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" Charles XII." In German, in Schiller's " Thirty Tears' War," or in

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incapable of working steadily without supervision, become criminals or tramps.

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Prognosis. — The prognosis of purulent meningitis is almost invariably

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Fees. — Examination for B.A degree, £3 15s. " Caution" money : A

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service to have made clear for the first time the principal distinction be-

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" hysterogenous " zone, etc.), which we cannot do with epileptic attacks.

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Elements of Dynamics). In conformity with Section II. of the

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affords an opportunity for more thorough preparation of cases ; more

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arms are usually involved later. Mental symptoms are rare. The disease is

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ataxia repeatedly observed after various acute infectious diseases, especially

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and also fix the thigh on the pelvis. If they are paralyzed the patient has a

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-to pursue regular courses of study in classical and scientific institutions

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Haigh, John Sigmund, a, w, sp, Los Angeles, Calif. S.B. (Creighton U.) '36.


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